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WE DO WHAT WE DO... Part 2

| | March 10, 2020

...And yes, we do it well! Many places where you can buy carpet, tile, and other flooring materials, are also the same places you can buy a chainsaw, lumber, batteries, etc. At Village Carpet Shop our specialty is focused. You will not be able to buy toilet paper, pvc pipe, or laundry detergent from us - BUT you can buy the best carpet, tile, hardwood flooring and many other flooring materials from us. If we were a restaurant our menu would be specific and small, but it would be the best food you’ve ever eaten. 

We do what we do and we do it extremely well. This is part two of this blog series. This month let’s look at Luxury Vinyl Tile, Laminate, and Sheet Vinyl:


Leading Brands: Shaw Industries | Mohawk | Armstrong | Mannington | Metrofloor  

Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) has been around for years and is used mostly in commercial applications. In the last few years, luxury vinyl tile has become increasingly popular in homes due to its extreme durability and styling options. 

Benefits include:


  • Made to Mimic Real Stone & Hardwood

  • Affordable

  • Easy to Maintain

  • Safe & Water Resistant

  • A Great Commercial Flooring Option

Luxury vinyl tile has the ability to replicate the look and style of many natural flooring products. It comes in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. You can have traditional square tiles or spice up your style with a hexagon or polygon shaped tile. For those who are fans of the wood plank, luxury vinyl tiles can also be made to look like hardwood flooring.  


Leading Brands: Shaw Industries | Mohawk | CoreTec | AquaSense | Southwind Industries | Mannington | QuickStep

If you’re not ready to make the big leap to real hardwood floors or you want to try something new without spending a fortune, laminate flooring is a great option. It’s durability and price tag also make it a great selection for those with pets and/or a busy household. 

Benefits include:

  • Durable

  • Easy to Clean & Maintain

  • Affordable

  • Good for Allergies

Laminate flooring has come a long way in the last decade. With today’s technology, you can find laminate in a variety of colors, textures, and styles. Laminate can mimic the look of tile, wood, stone, and even bamboo. 


Leading Brands: Armstrong | Mannington | IVC | Tarkett 

Village Carpet Shop also offers no-wax vinyl flooring which is also known as sheet vinyl.  We have a large inventory in-stock for immediate delivery (20-30 rolls at a time) for your project.  Sheet vinyl comes in various colors and styles and is a great solution for kitchens, bathrooms, utility rooms, and high-traffic areas. 

Sheet vinyl offers easy maintenance and clean-up, and with no seams, this material can be cut easily for any size room. 


Let Village Carpet Shop help you decide!  The best way to choose the perfect flooring is to go straight to the professionals. At Village Carpet, we have years of experience working with luxury vinyl tile and other flooring materials. Let us save you time and the headache of searching through thousands options. By answering a few questions, we can narrow down your search and help you find the products that fit your needs and your wants. 

Come in and see us or click here to schedule your FREE ESTIMATE today! 

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