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David Jackson | Heated Floors | February 06, 2020

It’s a cold morning, and the last thing you need is to jump out of bed and endure those cold floors! Even in the warmer months, ceramic tile flooring can bring shivers to your feet. Following a nice hot shower, only to be met with floors that compare to a frozen pond is a downer for sure!

Heated flooring - or “radiant floor heating system” (as a more professional term) can be your solution and your next best friend. In previous days, an in-floor heating system was extremely expensive, and fell in the “luxury” category for most. Those days are gone - and you won’t believe how affordable a heated floor can be when getting one installed from the professionals at Village Carpet Shop!


  1. Energy Efficient. The number one benefit (aside from the warm factor your feet will experience) is the increased energy efficiency provided. Warmer floors result in warmer air that is being circulated. 

  2. Comfort. With a heated floor, the laws of thermodynamics are on your side. If your body is warm from the ground up, you will be more comfortable. Studies have shown that thermostat levels are also set at lower temps in homes that feature heated flooring.

  3. Uniform Heating. As opposed to vents that are few and far between, a heated floor distributes the warm air evenly, providing a warmer atmosphere in every square foot. With a radiant floor heating system, the cold spots you typically experience from room to room are eliminated.

  4. Compatibility. Heated floors are compatible with most all systems, from electric and natural gas, solar and even geothermal energy systems. As many homeowners are aware, most systems are limited to running on a single energy source. Adding head from the floor provides a second punch to the cold room. It’s like having two systems instead of one. 

  5. Rebates. In many instances you could be eligible for state or federal programs that can help cover your up-front contractor costs. Consult the U.S. Department of Energy’s Database of State Incentives for Renewable Energy (DSIRE) to see if there are rebates, loans or tax deductions available for the installation of a more efficient in-floor heating system where you live.


Village Carpet Shop can install thermostatically controlled heated flooring systems that are designed to go underneath your ceramic tile flooring. We can turn the heat UP by making your home warmer and more comfortable year round. Come give us a visit, or call today! 

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