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David Jackson | Fall flooring | September 09, 2019

Fall is the perfect time of year to switch things up. The weather is cooling, the leaves are falling, and everyone is preparing for the holiday season—a time of change, indeed! If it’s a home transformation that you’re after, one of the best ways to reinvent your space is by having new flooring installed. 

To make sure you’re renovating in a way that will modernize your home and boost its value, check out the following Village Carpet Shop flooring trends for 2019 for some inspiring tips. 


Hardwood flooring remains one of the most popular choices for homeowners, as it works well in a variety of design schemes, from traditional to modern. But hardwood that shows more texture, and hardwood that looks more natural overall, is more popular this year. Wire brushed, hand scraped, and distressed are a few examples of the textured floors that can add a new twist to any room if you want something a little different.


Large, wide planks (at least 5” wide) are also in style right now, as they can help make a space appear larger than it is. But if that doesn’t suit your fancy, you can get creative with multi-width planks, a herringbone pattern, or you can even have your planks installed on a diagonal for an upscale look. 

When shopping for flooring products in 2019, you have a lot more environmentally-friendly choices. Sprucing up your home doesn’t mean you have to use materials that are detrimental to the planet. If you’re searching for a sustainable solution that won’t sacrifice quality or aesthetics, rest assured that you can have it all—and it’s never been more hip or trendy to be “green.” Choices include engineered wood, along with materials like bamboo and cork.


Today’s vinyl flooring is so much better than the products of the past, so it’s no wonder that it’s trending right now. Thanks to technological advancements, you can find a wide range of vinyl flooring that will give you the look you want at a price that’s friendly to your wallet. In fact, you can find beautiful vinyl flooring that looks just like natural materials, such as concrete, tile, stone, and hardwood. Plus, luxury vinyl in the form of tiles and planks, along with waterproof vinyl, are also making waves in the world of interior design. 

If vinyl isn’t your preferred flooring material, you can choose from a variety of laminate flooring options, including waterproof products, that are attractive and durable. To stick with the latest trends in hardwood, search for laminate that mimics the look of wood (there are laminate floors that will look just like natural reclaimed wood or distressed wood). As an alternative, you can even find a laminate that looks like stone if that’s what you’d prefer. The design possibilities are endless! 


With such a variety of carpets, you can find the color, pattern, and texture that will take any design scheme to the next level. Trending in 2019 is the cut and loop style, as the texture can add a fun and interesting element to any room. Plus, in keeping with the textured floors trend, frieze carpeting is becoming increasingly popular. But don’t forget the coziness that comes with a plush carpet, which has officially made a comeback.  

Beyond texture, patterns are also huge right now in the world of carpets, as they let you get even more creative and make the floor a part of your décor. Search for patterns with geometric prints to spice up any space. 

Like other contemporary flooring options, you can find carpets that are eco-friendly. But, in addition to sustainable products, waterproof flooring is highly sought-after by smart homeowners, and now there are trendy waterproof carpets on the market that are perfect for busy, active families with kids and pets. 


When it comes to updating a home, the flooring material is just one part of the equation. You also need to consider color. For 2019, gray is hugely popular, whether you prefer wood flooring, laminate, vinyl, or tile. And with so many shades to choose from, you can find the gray hue that will complement and enhance the rest of your décor. 

Not a big fan of gray? No worries! Blonde is another trending color, as light floors can help make a room feel more open and welcoming. As an alternative, you can achieve similar results if you go with whitewashed flooring, which is a hot trend right now as well. 

Feeling like you want to go a little dark? You’re in luck because espresso colored floors are still in style. You can have a lot of fun with dark floors, especially if you use your furniture and accents to create an eye-catching contrast. 

Finally, you can get even more creative with color when installing carpeting. Bold colors, cool tones like subdued blues, and, of course, gray are all “in” right now, so you can ditch the overdone beige for something much more interesting.  


Homeowners who are ready to upgrade their flooring sometimes feel overwhelmed with the prospect of browsing through so many choices and finding the right installation pros. But when you shop with Village Carpet Shop, our specialists will help you at every step. Our inventory includes the latest trends, and we can bring samples right to your home so you can evaluate how various products will look in any room. Then, we’ll take care of the installation, and get the job done quickly so you can start enjoying your new floors right away. 

Ready to update your flooring for Fall 2019 and beyond? Contact us today to see the latest trends!  

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