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David Jackson | Repair | May 03, 2019

Does your carpet have wrinkles, frayed seams, permanent stains, holes, rips, or pet stains? If so, you may think the only solution is the more expensive one of purchasing and installing new carpet. We have good news! Damaged carpet rarely needs to be replaced. The specialists here at Village Carpet Shop have saved customers thousands of dollars by professionally repairing their carpets for a fraction of the cost of new carpet.

Carpet repair is our specialty. While many carpet cleaning and installation companies offer carpet repair as an additional service, at VCS we solely focus on carpet repair for the Mountain Home/North Central Arkansas area. Our technicians continually receive training to stay up to date on modern repair technology and techniques. From your first phone conversation, to the completion of the work, we strive to put customer care and satisfaction above all else.


Because Village Carpet Shop does things the right way with the proper tools, we stand behind our work. Our repair technicians install long-lasting patches and seams with the goal of making them as unnoticeable as possible. Our professionals are solely trained to use the best techniques and latest technology in carpet patching and seam repair.

Many carpet repair companies have continued using the out-of-date hot iron. Our technicians use modern tools and cutting-edge equipment for patches and seams. While older hot irons can only function underneath the carpet, we utilize tools that are minimally invasive. We want the repaired area to blend in with the installed carpet, therefore the best patches are achieved by using a remnant of leftover carpet from the installation. If that is not available, we can remove a matching piece of carpet from a less noticeable area such as a closet. It is also possible to stretch a room, collect the excess carpet, and use that to install a smaller patch.

In addition to our professional flooring installation, we also provide professional flooring repairs. Whether you need repairs due to wear and tear or someone decided to carve their name into your hardwood floors, Village Carpet can help. To receive an over the phone quote for carpet patching or seams, please call our office at (800) 951-6969 or (870) 425-6919. The office team will need to know the dimensions of the patch or the amount of lineal feet that need seamed. For instance, if your damaged area is in the middle of a room and is 2x3 feet, the amount of lineal feet would be 10 (2+2+3+3). If that same sized area has a 3 foot edge against the wall, the amount of lineal feet that needs seamed would be 7 (2+2+3).


Whether it is a stain you can’t get out, or tears in your carpet, we are here to help your floors look like new again! We can handle any problems that you may have and bring your floors back to life. Before you toss in the towel on your floors and start ripping everything up, see if they can be fixed. Give us a call today or come in and see us.  We offer FREE ESTIMATES, so don't hesitate to contact us before paying more from the big box stores.

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