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Hardwood Flooring - What You Need to Know

David Jackson | Hardwood | February 14, 2019

Hardwood floors are beautiful, coming in all different kinds of wood options, colors, and finishes. They’re known for making a home look classic, elegant, and can come in styles to go with whatever look you are trying to achieve. They are timeless, distinctive, and provide any room with unmatched natural beauty.

In the past, hardwood flooring came with a lot of extra costs, and a lot of maintenance and upkeep to preserve their classic look.  Thankfully, the technology in the hardwood flooring market has come a long way over the years. They are more durable, scratch resistant, and spill and stain resistant than ever, making the maintenance much easier for homeowners. Village Carpet Shop has years experience helping you select the best hardwood flooring products for your needs. They handle all the details from selection, purchase, installation and any warranty or service after the sale.  

Some of the benefits of hardwood flooring are:

• They improve property value

• They last longer than most other flooring options

• They resist spills & stains

• They provide easy maintenance


There are many types of hardwood flooring including solid, pre-engineered, finished, and unfinished. Hardwood flooring also comes in a number of colors, grains, and species. You can even personalize your hardwood flooring by choosing the plank size.

If you are worried about scratches, spills, or the humidity, there are many brands that go above and beyond to provide the most durable hardwood flooring on the market to meet the challenges of everyday life.


CHERRY: this one is very popular and comes in a variety of types, and is a softer wood. It can be expensive, but its beautiful reddish hues wins the heart of many.

WALNUT: is one of the most expensive kinds, but it very popular in homes. It is a very lightweight wood, with a dark chocolate brown hue with a very masculine look.


OAK: is a great choice for warm, traditional style homes. It goes with a variety of different color schemes and furniture styles and is a mid-range hardness.

MAPLE: the grain patterns for maple wood make it distinctively different than most other wood flooring options. It has a uniform look to it that appeals to a lot of homes, for a nice clean, warm finished look.

HICKORY: this is a very hard wood type, making it extremely durable. It can last a lifetime and is usually a light tan color. It is great for rustic styled homes.

ASH: this is one of the lightest colors, with a greyish or whiteish hue to it, with contrasting grains across the boards. It is great for an upscale chic look and is popular because of its affordability.

DOUGLASS FIR: this one is known for its uniformity. Each plank of wood will look almost identical to the next. It creates a very natural and rustic atmosphere, but it is one of the softest woods, making it harder to maintain over the years. It is one of the more affordable options.

TEAK: has a natural shine and finish to it, and is becoming very popular. It’s known for being extremely durable, which is great for high traffic areas of the home. Teak should be oiled every few years so the maintenance is generally higher compared to other options.

BIRCH: is a great option for flexible style at an affordable price. The species is very common so it is a very popular wood. It stains well and can be a great choice for a more individualized look.

PINE: this is a softer wood and can be easily damaged, but it is one of the most traditional options for American homes. It is one of the most affordable choices, with a nice visually appealing style of gain.

Having a hard time picking which one? The options can be overwhelming! The best way to choose the perfect flooring is to go straight to the professionals. At Village Carpet, we have years of experience working with hardwood and other flooring materials. Let us save you time and the headache of searching through thousands of hardwood flooring options. By answering a few questions, we can narrow down your search to some of the best hardwood flooring options that best suit your needs and your wants. Contact us today for a free estimate!

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